Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “Why would anyone employ a web design company to do their web site?” It normally goes hand-in-hand with “My son does computers?”

Yes, it seems that everyone has a son, daughter, nephew or neice who “does computers” and who could build a web site really easily from their bedroom.

A great strategy – if the only thing you need is the actual web pages.

I often come across business owners who tell me that they had a site built which did nothing for their business.  Most often it was built by the aforementioned son, daughter, nephew or neice!

Professionalism Comes As Standard

As with all “professional” jobs, the professionalism has come through many years of study and experience.

Yes, many students know their way around a web design software. But do they have the experience of launching a site, securing a site, marketing a site, etc?

Providing a professional web design service requires a strong combination of technical skills, marketing skills and an understanding of the issues and challenges facing businesses.

Let me take you through our typical web design process and the (expert roles) that are needed to ensure each step is completed professionally:

  1. Identify the clients objectives for the site (Marketer).
    A web site is an investment. How will you know if the investment has been worthwhile?  We need to know how you will measure the success of the site.
  2. Identify the client´s customer´s needs (Marketer).
    It´s so obvious, but many clients don´t consider what their customers will expect to find on the new site, who they are or what will they be trying to achieve?  We don’t build sites for our customers.  We build sites for our customer’s customers.
  3. Storyboard the site (Information Architect)
    Ensuring that the site is structured logically without being too concerned about how it looks just yet. It is so important to make sure visitors get to the right content as quickly as possible.
  4. Wire frame the pages (Information Architect)
    Draw the structure of each page to ensure that the elements of the page that are most important (to meet the objectives) are featured prominently. Where will the “Widgets For Sale!” heading go? Where will the “Buy now” button go? Can the customer see our telephone number immediately?
  5. Create the concept (Graphic Designer)
    The graphic designer will create mock-ups of how the site could look. The look is created with the client´s market in mind. The client can see how it will look and feel to the visitor.
  6. Create the web pages (Programmers)
    Pages have to be created in HTML, styled in CSS, connected to databases and shopping catalogues in ASP or PHP, validated and secured in Javascript, made to dance in Flash… the list goes on!
  7. Tailor the content and the site code so as to be found easier by search engines (SEO Expert).
    Ensure that the right words are in the right place for Mr Google and Co.!
  8. Test the site (Usability Expert)
    Ensure the site can be viewed by as many people as possible, that it doesn´t break, that there are no dead end links and that it doesn´t give away customer´s personal details!
  9. Final tweaks and fixes (Programmer)
    There’s always going to be the last minute changes!
  10. Go to the Launch Party (Sales Guy)
    Why the sales guy? Because he´s the guy that made the commitment to deliver the work of all the other people above. And he´s also the only guy in the office who ever gets invited to the launch party!

So. there you are: 10 steps, and nearly as many roles!

That´s a lot of expertise and responsibility going into every web site we produce – no matter what size it is!

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