Why you should hire a professional web designer

I often come across business owners who tell me that they had a site built which did nothing for their business. Yes, it seems that everyone has a son, daughter, nephew or neice who “does computers” and who could build a web site really easily from their bedroom. Most often the site that poorly performs was built by the aforementioned son, daughter, nephew or neice!


Web Site Design & Build

You'll want us to make sure your customers can use your site, find what they need and contact you.

Search Engine Optimisation

You'll want us to make sure you get as many visitors to your site as possible to help increase sales.

Internet Marketing

You'll want us to help you with the most effective methods for spreading the word about your business.

News, Opinions and Advice

Create a Post with the new Facebook Pages Application

Cool new App for managing Facebook Page on the iPhone

As an indication of the importance they place on their business users, Facebook has launched a dedicated Facebook Page Manager App for iPhone specifically to allow users to update their Pages. The Page Manager app provides business page owners with many of the normal Facebook functions

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Why Basic Web Sites Are a False Economy

Do you want a web site that brings in customers or one that simply sits on the Internet wondering if they’ll ever show up?

Find out why a carefully planned site, designed for your particular business sector and customer’s needs, and built with search engine rankings firmly in mind is the best way to attract visitors and gain some return on your investment.


Is social media helping to erode our right to privacy

A teaching aide in Michigan, USA, has been suspended from her job because she refused to allow her employers to access her Facebook page. The school concerned asked for access to the Facebook page in order to investigate a complaint against the woman. She refused and the local education authority decided that she was guilty until proven innocent and duly suspended her from her duties.

Facebook Fans

Are You An SEO Service Provider?

Do you provide SEO services for UK companies from outside the UK?
Do you feel there is a great opportunity for us to work together?
Do you want to email me with an offer to provide services or to meet me when you next visit the UK?

Then thank you, but please don't. Really.

I have no plans to outsource our SEO work at present.