Why Basic Web Sites Are A False Economy

(Or why I advised a client to keep his money in his pocket)

I had a phone call today from a potential new client.  The conversation went something like this…

“Hi Seamus, I’d like a quote for a new web site.  I hear you’re the man to talk to.  I hear you know what you’re doing”.

I liked the sound of this guy.  He’s obviously a sharp individual.

After confirming that he’d indeed come to the right place, I asked my favorite killer question.  “What kind of site do you think you’ll need?”

My potential new client proceeded to talk about how he wants a “basic” web site with a Home page with a welcome message on it, an About Us page, a Services page and a Contact page.”

I clarified my question.  “Sorry, I meant do you want a web site that brings in customers or one that simply sits on the Internet wondering if they’ll ever show up?”  I could sense by the pause on the line that he was thinking.

What Kind Of Web Site Do You Need?

I’m pretty sure that very few business owners create a web site just for the heck of it.

Most often, the objective of a web site should be to attract the attention of customers who don’t know your company exists – before converting their visit to an enquiry or sale.

“Do you want a web site that brings in customers or one that simply sits on the Internet wondering if they’ll ever show up?”

The best way to attract the attention of new customers is to ensure that your web site can be found when they search for your products and services online.  It is also extremely important that your site has relevant and useful content that encourages them to do business with you.

Carefully Planned Web Sites Can Bring You More Customers

A site that brings customers to you will have had careful planning; it will have been designed for your particular business sector and your customer’s needs; and it will have been built with search engine placement firmly in mind.

It will have its navigation designed to match what your customer is searching for, it will have plenty of useful content to engage them, it will have clear calls to action such as “Call Us Now!” and it will have plenty of search engine friendly text in all the right places.

The alternative is a site that is short on content, short on search engine rankings and short on visitors and enquiries.  It is also most likely a site that will drift off into the great Internet wilderness, difficult to find, rarely to be seen and never to bring any return on investment.

It’s no coincidence that the sites most likely to fade into oblivion are those sites that are poorly thought out and that are built on a low budget.

Why Do So Many Companies Offer Basic Low Cost Web Site Designs?

There are loads of web design companies that can and will build you a low cost web site.  They’ll happily pump out a template based site in a couple of days with absolutely no thought applied to it, especially if the site owner isn’t clear about what he wants the site to achieve.

With no measures of success required, and no come back, those web designers have nothing to lose. Meanwhile, the site owner will have spent his budget.  He’ll most likely notice no benefit from the site.  In a relatively short time, he’ll probably come to the realization that he will have to start all over again.

Get Back To The Point!

Getting back to my telephone call today, my advice to my potential new client was simple:  Have your web site designed and created by a professional, be prepared to invest in it and you’ll see a return on that investment.  Otherwise, find someone who will build your web site for absolutely nothing.  Because you’re about to waste your money!

Ask Someone Who Knows

If you’d like to discuss how we can build you a web presence that actually brings customers to you, then please get in touch.

We do “know what we’re doing”.