Web Site Health Check Package For Belfast And Northern Ireland Businesses

Don’t Miss The Opportunities And Benefits That A Top Performing Web Site Can Bring.

There are many reasons why your site may be under-performing and failing to bring the business benefits you expect. 

These include:

  • There is a limited market for what the site is offering
  • The site can’t be found when people are searching
  • The site doesn’t convert visitors to enquiries/sales
  • The site has technical or design issues effecting usability

We are based in Belfast and understand the needs of local business owners. We review and health check web sites for our customers throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland and make recommendation that help them to grow their business.

These days, there are few businesses that don’t have a web site.  Unfortunately, many of these are exactly the same as the day they where launched.  Your site may be one of these, or it may have been maintained and updated.

However, it is very often the case that sites are more focussed on the business history and background than the requirements of their customers.

Our Web Site Health Check Service will help you identify the specific reasons why your site may not be performing as it should.

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What Will You Receive?

We will provide you with an identification of any opportunities you are missing from the ineffectiveness of your site, the reasons why and our recommendations for improvement.

The “Tip-Top Shape” Package
Customer FocusHow your site meets the needs and expectations of your customers
Search FocusWhat issues are effecting your site’s “findability”
Competitor FocusHow your site compares against your competitors sites
Technical FocusHow your site’s technical architecture is effecting its performance
RecommendationsClear options and recommendations for getting your site into “Tip-Top Shape”

We will carry out a detailed assessment of your web site:

You will receive a detailed report with recommendations for improving the performance of your web site

How Much Of Your Time Will It Take?

Invest a couple of hours.  We’ll bring you back the results!

We will need approximately 2 hours of your time at the beginning so that we can understand the goals, objectives and background of your site, and 1 hour at the end while we present our findings.

We will complete the review and compile the report in just a few days.

What Will It Cost?

Our Web Site Health Check is an intelligent investment.

For enquiries in June / July 2012 we are offering a completely free web site health check

The cost of the health check will depend on the size and complexity of your site.  Most often the health check can be completed for under £300.  If it is likely to be more, then we’ll identify that as soon as we’ve had a quick look at your site.

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