Search Engine Optimisation For Belfast, Northern Ireland

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

In a nutshell, we’d explain Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  in this way…

  1. Increased Internet sales come from increased numbers of site visitors.
  2. Increased numbers of site visitors come from high rankings in Search Engine results.
  3. Search Engine results are determined by the rules of the search engines

Therefore: SEO is the process of ensuring a site complies with the rules and selection criteria of the search engines in order to reach the highest possible ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation Best Practices

It is essential that your web site is easily found by customers using Search Engines.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the Search Engine can easily find your site and assess its relevance to the phrases the user is searching for.

There are a number of criteria that Search Engines will use to help assess your site’s relevance to a particular search phrase.

  • Key phrases and key words are carefully chosen;
  • How often the text specifically mentions the key phrases in a natural way;
  • The number of and reputation of other sites that link to yours;
  • The amount of quality, relevant text on your site pages;
  • How often the content on your site is updated;
  • The ease at which the search engine can scan across your site to assess it;
  • How old your domain name is.  The older the better.

We Can Help You With Your SEO

So, in order to gain better rankings, and therefore increased visitor numbers, we must address all of the criteria listed above.

At Inspired, we have a proven approach to gaining top search engine rankings for our customer.

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