Search Engine Optimisation Packages for Belfast and Northern Ireland Businesses

Because Search Engine Optimisation is no longer an Optional Extra

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  • SEO results in higher rankings;
  • Higher rankings result in more visitors;
  • More visitors result in more enquiries / sales / business goals achieved.

It’s a competitive world out there, and nowhere is there more competition than in the race to the top of the search engine rankings.

But, our Search Engine Optimisation Package will help you get there.

We are based in Belfast and understand the needs of local business owners. We provide Search Engine Optimisation for our customers throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland that help them to grow their business.

Read more here: What is Search Engine Optimisation.

What you’ll receive – The “Race To The Summit” Package

We will deliver an agreed increase in the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords.

We will provide you with a tailored package that matches your site and your objectives.

The “Race To The Summit” Package
Competitor analysis Find out what the competition are up to. Green Tick
Keyword selection & traffic estimation Ensure your targetting the most appropriate terms Green Tick
Site Structure optimisation Ensure your site site structure is Search friendly Green Tick
Site Content optimisation Ensure your content uses your key terms effectively Green Tick
Premium Directory Submissions Sign up to “Trusted” directories to increase links Green Tick
Industry Specific Directory Submissions Sign up to directories for your industry Green Tick
Link Building Attract natural links using a range of techniques Green Tick


How you’ll be involved?

Get us up to speed then leave the rest to us!

You should be ready to invest approximately 2 hours at the beginning of the process.  Then we’ll get to work!

SEO is an ongoing process of research and refinement.  We will need your input at key points of the process to ensure you are happy with the direction.  We will take care of delivering the actual search engine ranking improvements, leaving you free to focus on managing your own business.

What will it cost?

Search Engine Optimisation is an Investment not a Cost

The investment in SEO services will vary depending on how your site is currently positioned.

It stands to reason that the investment in SEO will be determined by where your site is ranked and the activities required for moving it to where we want it to be. There will be an upfront investment for the analysis and keyword selection stage of the process.  After that, we will recommend a strategy and cost options that you can select from.

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