Pay Per Click Packages For Belfast And Northern Ireland Businesses

Pay Per Click – Perfect When You Just Need Your Site To Get Found In A Hurry!

Pay-per-click listings are actually “adverts” that are highlighted above the natural listings and to the right of the natural listings. Advertisers (web site owners) pay for PPC listings by “bidding” on keywords and phrases.  Their advert is displayed when someone searches for the particular keywords the advertiser is targeting.  The advertiser pays each time their advert is clicked on by someone using the search engine.

We are based in Belfast and understand the needs of local business owners. We design, set up and run Pay per click (PPC) campaignss for our customers throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland that help them to grow their business.

If you are just venturing into the world of internet marketing, if your site is brand new, or if you require some immediate impact from your digital marketing, then PPC is the option for you.  With clever selection of keywords and bidding options, you can gain top rankings for a modest budget.

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What You’ll Receive – The “Hit The Ground Running” Package

We will set up and monitor your pay-per-click / adwords campaigns

The “Hit The Ground Running” Package
Competitor analysisFind out what the competition are up to.
Keyword selection & traffic estimationEnsure your targetting the most appropriate terms
Campaign SetupSet up your targeted campaigns in Google Adwords
Adverts SetupCreate landing pages for your web site that will convert the visitor to an enquiry or sale.
Landing Page OptimisationSignup form on your web site
Monitor PerformanceRun and monitor your campaigns and budgets
Measure and ReviseMeasure, report and revise your campaign setup as required.

How You’ll Be Involved

Choose how “hands-on” you want to be.

Pay per Click will be part of your ongoing marketing activities.  We’re sure you’ll want to be involved at every stage.  We will need your input at key points of the process to ensure you are happy with the direction and progress of the project.

We will take care of delivering the actual advertising campaigns, leaving you free to focus on managing your own business.

What Will It Cost?

Pay per Click costs are controllable and accurately measurable

The investment required when engaging in Pay per Click advertising will depend on your objectives and on the competitiveness of your chosen keywords and phrases on the scope and frequency of the engagements and interactions that suit your objectives.

The cost of bids varies widely based on the competition for particular keyword phrases and can sometimes be influenced by the value of the product or service being advertised.  The more you are prepared to bid for a click, and the more you are prepared to spend per day, the higher your advert will be placed amongst the paid listings.

The good news is that advertisers have complete control over their budgets and daily spending limits.

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