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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is sometimes referred to as web marketing, e-marketing, search engine marketing and a few other lofty terms.  But, simply put, it is the use of the Internet to promote your products and services.

Isn’t that a fancy way of saying ‘Get yourself a web site’?

Well, no!  Internet Marketing is a broader use of the Internet than just having a web site.  The mechanisms for an Internet Marketing strategy are varied and might include:

How do I know what I’ll need?

How you go about creating your Internet Marketing strategy will ultimately depend on your products and services, your customer’s preferences and behaviours,  your competitors use of Internet marketing, and, the time and resources you are willing to allocate to all of the activities needed.

We have helped our clients to research and define the online market place for their sectors.  Then defined and put into practice a structured Internet Marketing plan.

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