Why Basic Web Sites Are a False Economy

Image of girl drawing web site design

Do you want a web site that brings in customers or one that simply sits on the Internet wondering if they’ll ever show up?

Find out why a carefully planned site, designed for your particular business sector and customer’s needs, and built with search engine rankings firmly in mind is the best way to attract visitors and gain some return on your investment.

Is social media helping to erode our right to privacy


A teaching aide in Michigan, USA, has been suspended from her job because she refused to allow her employers to access her Facebook page. The school concerned asked for access to the Facebook page in order to investigate a complaint against the woman. She refused and the local education authority decided that she was guilty until proven innocent and duly suspended her from her duties.

Are you living in a ‘Filter Bubble?’


Google, Facebook and many others now use a range of factors to assess the relevance of the results and commercial suggestions they present to you. Sometimes this may be beneficial, but ultimately, are we all being pidgeon holed, ‘filtered’ and ‘bubbled’? Eli Pariser explains the filter bubble concept and calls on the main providers to change how they do business…

Don’t put all your internet marketing eggs in one basket


This is a cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t rely solely on one method of Internet Marketing. How a business page was removed from Facebook because of false allegations by an unkown party

Why you should hire a professional web designer


I often come across business owners who tell me that they had a site built which did nothing for their business. Yes, it seems that everyone has a son, daughter, nephew or neice who “does computers” and who could build a web site really easily from their bedroom. Most often the site that poorly performs was built by the aforementioned son, daughter, nephew or neice!