Why Basic Web Sites Are a False Economy

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Do you want a web site that brings in customers or one that simply sits on the Internet wondering if they’ll ever show up?

Find out why a carefully planned site, designed for your particular business sector and customer’s needs, and built with search engine rankings firmly in mind is the best way to attract visitors and gain some return on your investment.

Is Internet Explorer only for the stupid?


The internet news sites have been having a right old go at Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser software. Many sites have reported this morning that a survey, carried out by AptiQuant, concluded that people who use Internet Explorer tend to have lower Intelligence Quota than users of competitive browsers. However, this now appears to be an [...]

Why you should hire a professional web designer


I often come across business owners who tell me that they had a site built which did nothing for their business. Yes, it seems that everyone has a son, daughter, nephew or neice who “does computers” and who could build a web site really easily from their bedroom. Most often the site that poorly performs was built by the aforementioned son, daughter, nephew or neice!

Sorry, But I Don’t Flash!


A web design client asked me yesterday if I could provide a Flash intro to his new web site. Whilst I agree that some Flash web sites are quite spectacular, my humble opinion is that Flash sites are mostly self-serving displays that cater more for the creative desire of the developer than the user´s needs [...]

Why Some Web Sites Don’t Work And What To Do About It

I received a real grilling from a potential web design client today! He reluctantly wants a redesign of his existing web site. When I say reluctantly, I mean, he´s being persuaded by his marketing people to create a new web site. His positioning statement was, “Our current site gets few visitors and costs me more [...]