About Us

Seamus Clarke, founder of Inspired, is widely known throughout Northern Ireland as an experienced Web Designer and eBusiness Consultant.

Seamus has helped many Northern Ireland businesses through the design and development of web sites, eCommerce and eBusiness applications.

Much of this work was undertaken as part of his role on the Invest Northern Ireland eBusiness consultants framework.

To find out how Seamus can help you with your Customer focussed web site design, Optimising your web site for Search Engine rankingsusing pay per click to get quick exposure and clicks for your web sitemarketing your business with Social Media or delivering eMail marketing campaigns then please contact him here.

What Sort Of Stuff Can We Do For You?

INSPIRED provide a wide range of services that combine to bring you a total and professional Internet presence.

These services include:

Web Design

  • Customer focussed sites;
  • Content Management Systems;

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword and Competitor Analysis;
  • Site structure optimisation;
  • Site content optimisation;
  • Article generation;
  • Link Building;

Social Media Marketing

  • Protecting your online brand identity;
  • Building your Social Media profile;
  • Managing Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • Managing Social Bookmarking activities;
  • Blogging and Article creation;

Pay-Per-Click (Adwords) Management

  • Competitor analysis;
  • Keyword selection and traffic estimation;
  • Campaign setup;
  • Advert set up;
  • Landing Page creation;
  • Monitoring, Measuring and Revising

Email Marketing

  • Subscriber Management;
  • Email Template management;
  • Email Campaign Management;
  • Signup Management
  • Tracking and Reporting;


  • Internet Software to help you co-ordinate with suppliers;
  • Internet Software to help you communicate with Sales Teams;
  • Internet Software to help you support Customers;


  • Product Shopping Carts;
  • Secure Online Payment Systems;
  • Content Management Systems ;
  • Internet Marketing;